Kohei Yoshioka


Born in 1985. Graduated from Fukui University School of Medicine. After working as an anesthesiology specialist, he deepened his interest in mental management and turned into a psychiatrist. He currently works as a part-time doctor at some hospitals and clinics in Tokyo.

He has been fond of taking a bird’s-eye view of things since childhood, and the theme of his life is how to live with well-being while balancing immersion and bird’s-eye view. He is interested in the pursuit of essential well-being in life and the way he works, and decides to start a business in digital health care, especially in the mental field.


Yosuke Matsuoka


Web engineer, music creator, DJ, PA.
As an engineer, he is involved in the development of fashion EC sites, web services for India, VR apps for architects, sports management apps, etc.

He became interested in fitness, yoga, preventive medicine and the medical field when he got sick, and decided to join comatsuna at the invitation of CEO Yoshioka, a high school classmate.
Born in 1985 from Fukui prefecture.


Company namecomatsuna, Inc.
CEOKohei Yoshioka
FoundJune 11, 2020
AddressHulic Shibuya 1-chome Building 7F, 1-3-9 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
BusinessDigital healthcare

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