Comatsuna provides innovative digital mental health care support using VR to engage  visual and audible senses with therapeutic relief.

The “VR Cure” service transcends traditional ideas of self-care by realizing personal treatment with Comatsuna’s medically enhanced content benefiting several varieties of mental states for those ready to balance their natural emotions.

Superior 4K 360 ° natural landscape videos collected from Japan’s tranquil corners will release senses of liberation with their visually immersive experiences.

Carefully curated frequencies are composed into original scores medically designed to reach and vitalize the mind’s cognizant core and then paired with its visual counterpart to maximize its remedying potential.

Original high quality 360 ° landscape video
Music production that has a psychological effect
Clinical research with medical institutions

Let’s feel  from Youtube VR.


4K360 ° videos are not focused on the world’s spectacular scenery and beauty, professional camera work, exhilaration and power, but content for stress care. Therefore, in order to prevent VR sickness as much as possible, the playback speed is slowed down and fixed point observation is the basis.

We try to create movies that are simple and bring peace to the heart, the original scenery of the good old countryside of Japan, the quiet and calm beauty of nature, and the calm images that make you feel Zen.

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